Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feb 2015

Hi all,
This was my convo with Rin this morning.
Hey Mom, who's your valentine? Is it Aibek and Daddy? Yeah, I'm not sure whose mine is yet. I haven't decided.  But I’ll let you know when I do.
Gee thanks, Rin.

This month was lots of snow and record low temps.  It reminds me of Kaz and the biting cold there when we were adopting Bek.  Everyone keeps complaining how cold it is here but all I can think about is the day we went before the judge and it was 20 below way over there in Kaz.  I laugh to myself when I think about the doorknob that kept falling off and locking people out of the lobby.  How it was so cold INSIDE THE BUILDING that Rin wouldn’t take off his gloves to eat a snack.  Such entertaining (just to me) memories of the insane cold there.  The cold here is nothing compared to that.  So when people complain, I truly have no sympathy.

But finally it heated up just enough to melt some of the snow.  The street changed from icy luge to soaking wet slip&slide and the kids just ate it up.  They went from the top of our hill all the way to the intersection at the bottom.  I have to say that I don't always love living on a hill but when it comes to sledding season, it's pretty awesome.  No cars would dare try and drive up or down our street so the kids had it all to themselves.  And I have a good view of us from my toasty warm living room window.  A glass of hot chocolate or wine and I could- and do- watch them all day long.

Keep warm and cozy up.  Love to all, -m

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jan 2015

Hi all-
The kids were super excited about Grandma Shay's visit and stayed up late to get her from the airport.  And we did lots of fun stuff while she was here.  First up- Baltimore Aquarium.  Rinat didn't want to go to aquarium but when we went he lost his mind he loved it so much. 

Then there was the Dino museum for a quick jaunt.

And then we went to the zoo with just Bek and Grandma Shay and it was super fun.  And it is always interesting when we don’t have overbearing-at-times Rinat to lead the way and we get to find out what Bek likes.  He loves completely different things that Rin did when he was that age.  Instead of liking the reptile house, he loves the primates.  Instead of loving the small mammals, he loves the big cats.  It kinda cool because then we get to see different things too. 

And then it was time for Grandma Shay to leave.  Mom left on the first snow day of the year and I can't believe we got her off on time.  Our neighborhood gets sort of socked in when it snows.  But the kids had a blast sledding down the street.  We were supposed to only get maybe an inch but it ended up being about 5.  Crazy!  It’s not often in these days of weather predictions that we get to be surprised by a snowfall.  But this amount was a definite- and exciting- surprise. 

It’s been pretty cold here for a while now.  On the way to Mer's for brunch one day as we drove down Clara Barton Pkwy, I saw people out and about but it didn’t register with me for a minute that it was not actually people just jogging on the towpath next to the canal but people ON the canal playing hockey.  So awesome.  When I pointed out what they were doing, Rinat said “I LOVE WINTER!!!” with so much enthusiasm.  Everything is just so exciting for him. 

Aibek is doing such a great job with his speech. But I am thinking maybe all that crying at the baby house was ear infections bc now he seems to be not just talking better but hearing better and working harder. He is starting to show interest in writing and reading. He's finally drawing things I can recognize. And he finally WANTS to learn. He has always done things in his own time so I try not to put too much pressure on him and just let Bek be the wonderful Bek that he is but I also want him to feel successful. I want him to not think of himself as dumb- because he's not at all. He's quite smart. Whatever he can't do easily he can find a work-around or distraction and that has worked for him so far in his life. But things are going to get a lot harder next year when he starts kinder and I am nervous for him. I know he will be successful in life but I don't want him to spend the next 13 or so years miserable. Only time will tell I guess. But I think him wanting to work hard and learning to practice until you get better is a valuable lesson for him to learn. Everything takes work after all. Everything in life has a learning curve. And I hope this little sweet pea of ours is stubborn enough to stick with it and enjoy the fight. 

One of the things I have been pushing him on is writing thank you notes.  He definitely has something to say and I love being able to help him say it.  It’s a team effort.

Rinat's obsession has gone from fishing to football now that the weather is too cold for fishing.  But he still wants his fishing birthday party.  So by darn, he’ll get it.  And for Bek’s BDay party we made a reservation at the Zoo which is so exciting.  It will be in Amazonia- our favorite.  But in the meantime, he celebrated at his preschool.

I grew up loving the Annie movie but not actually really getting what it was about.  And now there’s a new one coming out. So we watched the old one together because I thought they might have questions- or even more likely- other kids might say things to them about it and I wanted to make sure they were able to respond appropriately.  And I just wanted to watch it (the songs!  The dancing!).  They watched it and loved it and we talked afterwards about how that orphanage was nothing at all like the baby house and Miss Hannigan is nothing at all like their nannies who adored them.  Bek has been obsessed with "It's a Hard Knock Life" and anything I ask him to do like pick up toys in the basement or help with laundry or wipe up his pee off the toilet seat and he immediately bursts into song.  It's sort of insulting and hilarious at the same time.  Because, seriously, there is very little about their life that is hard knock.  But I try to give them just a taste of it every once in a while on principle.  I’m so mean. 

Love to all, -m      

New Year 2015

Monday, October 31, 2016

Dec 2014- Tidbits & Birthdays

Hi all,
First, some tidbits from December.

I wanted to know why Rin and his friend were trying to leave our house in secret without telling one of the neighbor boys who was there so I asked him about it.  One of the neighbors was apparently being mean to Bek and hurting him and so Rin and his friend took it upon themselves to save his little brother and they double-teamed this kid.  Part of me wanted to reprimand him but then another part?  Well, I loved that he defended his little brother.  

Aibek told me that I was "the meanest mommy ever" and I said "I know, Rinat tells me that I am mostly  mean".  Pause.  "Mommy, you nice almost all the time, but sometimes you a little bit mean.  It all right.  I love you da most, you my best mommy."

Overheard Bek asking Nona to marry him when they are grownups.  He asks, "Are they husband and wife?" about people on a TV show.   This one’s a lover. And a fighter actually.  He is kicking ass at speech and just absolutely loves it.

Our days are filled with birthday parties and decorating and playdates and brunches.

Rin said, "Ms. King told me I'm a risk taker" bc he was not afraid to say he's not sure what the answer is or to ask about something that he doesn't know.  I told him about the Chinese proverb "He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, he who does not ask remains a fool forever".  I love that he's always asking.

Bek just wants to snuggle nonstop and I hate to say no but sometimes I just can't.

LICE again.  Ugh.  I told Rin he couldn't go to a birthday sleepover and I felt like an evil woman but he was just so overdone that I didn't think it was a good idea.  I felt so mean.  That is until the next morning when I get an email saying that a friend's son has lice and it is apparently going around 2nd grade boys.  I felt like I dodged a bullet.  That is until a week later when Rin told me "Mom, I need to tell you the truth.  My head itches."  Fuuuuuck.  Here we go again.  

Bek tells me, "You a chatterbox, Mommy."  I think he must be hearing that at school or somewhere.  He's starting to use more complex vocab like- ‘clean as a whistle’ and 'is it a long journey to Gigi's house?’  But the best thing he says?  “My love you more than anything. “He’s so darn sweet.

On Rin's BDay in LBurg, he had a playdate with his friend Joe whose number he got at the baptism.  He picked out ice cream cake from the grocery store that he was super exited about.  

Once home from the Burg, we celebrated Bek's BDay.  As Peter brought out the cake, he put his little balled up hands to his mouth and said "IwishIwishIwishIwish" before he blew his candles out.  I'm not sure what he wished for but I hope he gets whatever it is.

I told the boys what I loved about my birthday when I was a kid the most was no the parties or the gifts but it was that I felt special for a day.  Ted would get me whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted and share everything with me and it just made me feel loved.  And that’s really all I want for them on their birthday.  And on every other day of the year too.  For them to feel loved.  Because, more than I can ever put into words, they are. 

Love to all, -m